Are you currently investing in UK property or just starting out. Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful in property investing and some not? We have heard of people who invest in property and due to bad economy or mistakes lose their money and then never invest again. Bad economy and mistakes happens to all of us but the difference is what we do with it.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful investors

 Successful investors invest in their education. They educate themselves not just with the latest strategies; they know what is working at this moment and what is not. They are aware of current economy and rules around property market. They understand market.

 Successful investors have built large network of support. They regularly meet other investors; they help each other out and share information with latest news and trends.

 Successful investors have a successful mind-set. They focus on what they want in life and how to get it. Unsuccessful investors focus on what is not working and why investing at current market is not a good idea.




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I really enjoyed reading the first issue of the "Property Focus". It's professionally presented, very informative, and touches all the subjects that I want to learn about. Thank you David for such great initiative! I can't wait for the next issue already.
Property Investor
EPS has acted as an intermediary in the process of acquiring and selling property for incredible returns. In all cases EPS has been a vital pivot of the deal being a success and I have returned to EPS again in order for them to conduct similar initiatives.
Damian Mitchel
Property Investor